Shopping Cart Issue - Test Mode Initially?

Yesterday and today (maybe longer), when visiting our site, Snipcart doesn’t seem to load until I actually click on the cart icon. It then shows up in test mode until I wait a bit and click on it again, then it becomes the proper functioning cart. Is this happening for anyone else?

I was on version 3.4.1, but just updated to 3.6.1 hoping the issue would go away. But it still persists. Any ideas?

I experienced it yesterday night (Europe time).
It’s probably a server-side problem.

If It happen again, I’ll check the dev tools network tab to see what’s going on.

This went away for a while, but now it’s back bad today. A solid 10+ seconds of test mode before it switched to the actual cart. Anyone else with this same problem?

Open the website, click on the cart, and:

Upon loading after 10+ seconds:

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The issue keeps happening.

The problem is that Snipcart’s API URL takes up to almost 11 seconds to load.

In case some Snipcart dev is reading this, the request context UUID is: request-context: appId=cid-v1:48f65c7b-986c-4ec3-89de-eb0160f55639.

I hope it can get fixed asap.

I sent an email to support and here’s their response:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, we had a large increase of requests in the last few weeks and have had issues properly scaling the servers. We are hopeful to get it done within a few days.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon, it’s certainly not helping sales!

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