Slow cart item deletion

Hello! I am testing the integration of snipcart in my custom solution and I found that once a product is added to the cart. When I want to remove it, after I click the trash button of the element in the cart I have to wait some seconds to get it removed… How is this possible? The user experience is so bad right now, does anyone know what can be happening?

Thank you for your time!

Hey there,

We did have a spike in CPU usage around the time that this issue started occurring, so that could be the cause. Sorry again for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


I understand that your current CPU performance could affect the pruchasing process.

But it is required to directly affect users cart? I can think you store some analytics of the usage of your solution, but the cart should be stored in browser storage (local/session/cookies…) and if for some reason analytics don’t work that should not affect the user experience.

Maybe it’s not just analytics what you are receiving and that would be interesting to know from our side at the time we select Snipcart as store provider.

Could you please explain us better this situation?

Thank you!

We store only a cart ID in the cookie, so we still need to communicate with our servers to fetch the related session data, calculate shipping rates, and process payments. This means that the performance of the cart is heavily dependent on the CPU of our servers.
Although this doesn’t occur very often, we monitor CPU and memory usage closely to be able to act as quickly as possible if anything was to happen.