Snipcart Dashboard does not show recent orders and other data after I have set the status as PENDING

When I receive new orders for the day I am able to see them on the url that shows my dashboard at []. When I set the status of an order to PENDING (), I can no longer see it on the DASHBOARD tab, I have to go into the ORDERS tab and read through the dates. We should be able to see the total amount on the dashboard even if we set it to pending.

Why does changing the status to PENDING have this behavior on the DASHBOARD tab. If I have received 5 orders today, I would like to look at my dashboard throughout the day and see that I have 5 orders so far. Even if I change the status to PENDING or SHIPPED I should still be able to see a number 5 on the DASHBOARD section that shows 5 Orders and the data on the other values on the page to reflect the 5 order like [ Sales, Average Order Value, Customers, Shipping Collected, Recovered From Campaigns, Average Customer Value, Taxes Collected ] all of the data decreases for each order that is no longer in PROCESSED.

I think this might be a bug maybe…?

Below is my process for dealing with orders as they come in:

Processed = Customer just placed the order so it shows up on the dashboard. This is the default status that an order gets from SnipCart when the customer places the order. If you we received x amount of orders for the day it should show that number. Currently it does, until you change the status to Pending.

Pending = Next we change the status to PENDING when my team at the warehouse is informed about the order and they are preparing the shipment. At this stage is when it disappears from the dashboard.

Shipped = We remove the status of PENDING and change it to SHIPPED. At this point the order and its data is no are longer displayed at the dashboard level anymore since the previous step when it was changed to Pending.

Is this something that can be fixed on your end or am I using the STATUS feature incorrectly? If you are looking at the dashboard for today it should show 5 orders for today regardless if the status has changed to PENDING or SHIPPED.



I see this topic has not been responded to.
I totally agree with it, and was about to post quite the same one so I would like to have a respond please.

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Is there a better way to report bugs, other than this forum?