SnipCart sending data to Google Analytics (Google Remarketing Question)

I have SnipCart setup on my custom site and everything is working fine but have a question about an “event” for add_to_cart when its sent from SnipCart to Google. I have the Enhanced Activate Google Analytics Ecommerce checkbox active on the Snipcart Dashboard and I can properly see the events live on Google Analytics being recorded. I see when I have added an item to cart because it comes through as add_to_cart from SnipCart to Analytics. So this part is working perfectly fine.

I am trying to find out what type of variable or event add_to_cart actually is because I am trying to create a custom audience inside the Google Ads dashboard that I can remarket to. Its asking me about 2 different options and I do not know which one it is that SnipCart considers to be the one for add_to_cart event. Please see screenshot below.

So when I want to refer to customers that have triggered the add_to_cart on SnipCart, when SnipCart sends that data to Google Analytics, does SnipCart send that as a checkout_option or as a checkout_step ?

I need to know which one so that I can properly create the list that will truly have customers that have added to cart and not completed checkout by landing on my /thank-you page.

This image below shows where the drop down is that I need to give it one of the 2 values, but am super confused which it the correct one. “Customers who have visited my website and have triggered the add_to_cart for any item but have NOT reached the checkout page.”

add_to_cart is an event itself while checkout_option and checkout_step are parameters of set_checkout_option. So if you want to collect data on users who didn’t make any purchases you could check for add_to_cart event and then collect info on user who didn’t trigger purchase event. Something like this:

Let me know if that helps!

Hey @ppanth thanks for the quick reply on the matter. I went ahead and switched it to “event” from the dropdown as you suggested that “add_to_cart” is an event which would makes more sense. That seems to have worked out. Thank you!