Successful payment but no confirmation screen

Everything is fine and works as expected when I use the default HTML crawler.
However, when I switched to JSON crawler - I return an array with multiple objects - it still works - I can see the successful payment in my dashboard - but it immediately redirects to the HomePage without ever showing the confirmation screen. It’s kinda weird, cause I didn’t change anything else.
I am developing locally via ngrok for testing the payments.
Any ideas what is going on ?

Hi @Kris, thanks for reaching out!

Could you please contact us at with your Snipcart account email, that way we will be able to check your account and the associated logs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for the response. I am still not sure why this occurs, although it seems to happen only in development. When I build my app for production it works as expected. So, I assume maybe it’s something Next-specific. I am working on some other features at the moment, but I’ll contact you before I deploy in case it persists. I’ll try to put an update in here as well one way or another.


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Sounds good, thanks!