Summary-fees component missing

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I would like to invert the delivery line with the tax line, but I can’t find the corresponding component in the Default theme reference.
The “cart-summary-fees” component is what I would like to modify, but it does not appear in the documentation since version 3.0.31.

Is there a way to modify this component in the last version of Snipcart?

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Hi @Bagage thanks for reaching out!

This component is not overridable, but you can achieve that by using:

.snipcart-summary-fees {
 display: grid;


.snipcart-summary-fees__item:nth-child(3) {
    grid-row: 2/3;

This should make the third item of the grid (taxes) go to the second line.

Just make sure to user more specific selectors to avoid any issues.

Let me know if that solves your issue.


Yes, it worked using CSS, thanks @nelitow!

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