Tax calculation wrong

We just realized that the tax calculation is not calculated by the rate set in the custom taxes.
As example:

As you can see the rate is set to (0.077 / 7.7%)

When I add a product to test I see the following. The buy button has the “data-item-has-taxes-included” attribute set to “true”, which is needed according to the documentation…

But if you calculate this manually: 2480 CHF * 7.7% = 190.96 → but as you can see in the first screenshot Snipcart calculates CHF 177.31 (which is 7.149596774193548%). Where is this rate from?

example is from Morganit Weissgoldring | Shop Goldschmiede Christa Portmann

Thanks for your help!

Cheers from Switzerland

I’m afraid you are wrong in your way of calculation.
Subtract the tax 177,31 from 2480 and you get your net price of 2302,69
7,7% tax out of 2302,69 = 177,30 = 2480 again.
And that’s correct!

Maybe someone else can explain it better than me…