Taxes wrong calculated


i have a local instance for development, when I add a Product to the card with a value of 100€, tax should be included with 19% (0.19) it shows me 38,00€ that is the double of the tax that I set up.

What is wrong?

taxes: 50eeddc3-38e4-4a71-ba70-e2ea62c7947f|fcf33ff4-81f8-4994-8ff0-976695376af4|fc7c1d05-c526-44d2-8938-53543b67e987

Hi. In the backend you can set the taxes depending on the country. See photo. Did you specify taxes on the product itself?

my button looks like:

<button class="snipcart-add-item" data-item-id="de-00001_test" data-item-price="55.00" data-item-shippable="false" data-item-url="http://localhost:8080/de/lasercut/blobal/" data-item-taxes="50eeddc3-38e4-4a71-ba70-e2ea62c7947f|fcf33ff4-81f8-4994-8ff0-976695376af4|fc7c1d05-c526-44d2-8938-53543b67e987" data-item-description="blub" data-item-name="Blobal">Add to cart</button>

Okay, maybe I’m now on the right way. I had as fallback, the WW = WorldWide also with 19%(0.19) which looks also to be added after the german taxes.
I thought I’m able to add it as a fallback.

What happens if you remove “data-item-taxes”?


I do not use data-item-taxes in the buy button.

It will handle it the same way until I delete the worldwide taxes.
Don’t make a difference if you put it under its own name. Or with the same for the EU. Once you have the Worldwide enabled it will add this also.