Test environment not responding


I’m migrating the inventory from a third party to Snipcart and have run into some issues in the testing process.

The stock is fetching properly but for some reason it doesn’t let me do a test purchase to make sure that the inventory updates properly.

  • Test API and test Secret API is used.
  • Test domain is default domain

One thing I note is that taxes is not included in the price even though


This works on the live side, with exactly the same code, so there must be something quite strange going on here.

Test product:

OMG! it's Balm | Loovara | The Code (Slightly NSFW)

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here, any feedback would be helpful!

Hey @henrikhansson

I was able to proceed with an order on the link provided

What are the steps to reproduce the error? Is there an error log on the console?

Let me know when you have more information for us :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. I can see that the order has correctly been processed in the test environment. All good except that in the checkout process the prompt to use a test card is not visible. I did a test with the “42” card and it worked indeed.

Thank you, except for the lack of the “test card prompt” all is good!

// Henrik

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