Test Order Success (with unknown CC #)

From reading the documentation (Payments – Snipcart Documentation) I was under the impression that “Every other card number will be considered as Invalid.” which doesn’t seem to be true given my site was in test mode and a user was able to create an order that got marked “processed and paid” by SnipCart though they typed in their actual CC# and not a testing valid or invalid credit card number.

@tmack8001 If you were to connect a payment gateway, for eg stripe, then not all cards will be accepted. However, with the default payment for test mode, it does accept any CC, but you shouldn’t be charged if you were to use a real CC on test mode. If that’s not the case, can you please send us an email to support@snipcart.com with the account email and order number so we can check it for you?

Ah that makes sense. Reading through the documentation it wasn’t clear to me that the “test cards” were only when using a payment gateway. Since Paypal doesn’t allow you to configure a TEST site I just didn’t enable payments through Paypal until after going LIVE.

Thanks for the clarity on that one.

would have been nicer to only have a few “valid” cards so that if say a customer got hold of your site before going LIVE the orders placed would fail unless using a valid “tester” credit card number… I had a customer reach out asking where his order was… come to find out it was in the TEST version and not on my LIVE site.

This could also be better if there was a gigantic RED banner on the TEST site saying “this is TEST only” or something.