Test Specific Products but In Live Mode?

Hey Everyone,
I’ve had a smooth shop running for a few weeks in SnipCart. Now I’m building out a new section to sell different kinds of products, and I need to test those. I need my shop to be in live mode overall, but in test mode just for the new products. But it seems that SnipCart either needs to be in live or test mode for the whole account.

Is there any way to have a live environment generally, but just run certain products as tests?


Just load the ‘test’ snipcart key on the product(s) you want to test. I think that should send it to the Test mode?

Thank you very much for your help! I was not aware this was an option? From the SnipCart Dashboard, it looks like we have to set the account for live or test for everything.

Can someone from SnipCart jump in to offer an official answer?