Tracking with Facebook Pixel of Orders

Hello Snipcart community,

I’m currently preparing a store with snipcart and already successfully got Google Analytics to work. However, now I`m trying to get facebook pixel to track the conversion but I got it to only track until the initiation of the checkout and not the successful conversion/purchase.

How do you guys integrate the facebook pixel into your snipcart to track conversions?


Hi @MartyMcFly,

Unfortunately, we don’t officially support Facebook Pixel. However, what you could do is get the data for certain events using our events API and forwards them to Facebook pixels API.


Hi @Michael,

thank you for the response. I already guessed that it’s going to end in the use of API but hope that there is an easier way ^^


Using API is easy to set up facebook pixel, but unfortunately most important event ‘cart.confirmed’ runs only when customer go back to thank you page after purchase. It happens very rarely, so in fact this method is useless. To make it work properly I think you should use server side facebook configuration, what makes it way more complicated.

It’s a pity that snipcart doesn’t support such a must have for e-commerce like facebook pixel or GA4.


Has anyone tried solving this themselves? If you did, do you have a gist you could link to of how you implemented it? Shame to have to code this manually when there are already events hooked up for gtag in snipcart.