Trouble making an order

I have a problem making an order. I added the domain that i have my shop on. It is a single page app so i just wrote data-item-url="/" and the order wont be placed and i get the next error:
" Defined product prices don’t match prices in cart, or products couldn’t be found at crawled endpoint. Review product IDs, prices, and URLs. This entry on Order validation might help. See developer console for more details."
does anybody know what could be the problem?

Hi @gregorsink, thanks for reaching out.
We need to be able to read the HTML content of the page at the data-item-url.
If you set it to /, we will fetch that page and read the HTML contents. AS we cannot find the product data in the page, the error will be shown.

For SPAs, we generally recommend using the Json crawler, where you can provide a URL with the product information in JSON format.

Let me know if you have further questions.