Turn off all email notifications

Is there a way to disable all email notifications?

I’d like to use the webhook to handle trigging emails myself. I plan to have the webhook make a call to a function which will send email and log the event in our marketing platform.

Hey @bzmills,

You can disable the automatic invoice in this section of the dashboard.

This is the only notification sent automatically to customers, this option also disables the email sent automatically after refunding an order.

All other emails are sent after a manual confirmation, for instance when you mark an order as shipped and set a tracking number, no emails will be sent unless you confirm that you want to.

Thanks Charles, I understand now. I suppose if I handled emails through the webhook, I would need to inform the order/shipping manager to never click the prompt to send an email in the UI.

What about recovery campaigns, are there webhooks for those? I don’t want to be split between handling some emails in the webhooks and others in Snipcart.

Hey @bzmills,

No webhooks for recovery campaigns at the moment. We will do some improvements regarding these next year though, this is something I’ll make sure we consider doing.