URGENT... Clicking cart button to open the side cart keeps refreshing the page can't get to checkout

I noticed that today some of my visitors were having trouble on my site when they clicked on the cart button to open their cart. Each time they clicked it , the entire page would just refresh. This does not allow the user to continue to checkout after opening the cart popup.

This started to happen today when I noticed it. Was there an update on SnipCart’s end to the “SnipCart-checkout” Class that is attached to the cart icons to be able to open the cart?

I even opened up earlier versions of my application, as early as from 2 months ago and even those versions on my local machine are refreshing the page now even though they were working before. Is this a known issue as of recently?

These are these scripts that are loading SnipCart for me.

< link rel=“preconnect” href=“https://app.snipcart.com” />
< link rel=“preconnect” href=“https://cdn.snipcart.com” />
< link rel=“stylesheet” href=“https://cdn.snipcart.com/themes/v3.3.1/default/snipcart.css” />

Ok so it looks like I was able to somewhat find a fix for it on my end. On my website, the cart icon that is supposed to open up the SnipCart side cart had an href="" that was blank. This might have been causing that refresh each time that icon was clicked. Its just strange that it started to happen now today when I have been testing the site for the last few months and that empty href="" was always there it was never an issue.

Anyway I removed that href from the div and it solved my problem. So no need to worry about this I guess. Unless there was an update that was part of the issue, not sure.