Using snipcart for a marketplace-ish build

Hi there,

So i am considering using Snipcart on a page that has multiple vendors and I want the invoice to state the sale is with my company (A), but sold on behalf of another company (B).

The invoice is fine for when it is just me selling. But I would like to add a text on the invoice saying something like ‘Item XRT - sold by merchant 123, email 456, phone 789’

I can easily pass information from my site on merchant info using custom fields, but can I display them on the invoice (and in the other emails)?

Hey @KristianWR,

Custom fields can be displayed on the invoice. You’ll find this section in the invoice template:


As you can see, you can loop in order custom fields, and even use conditional operators like if_not_eq or if_eq.

That should be helpful to display information like you’re looking for.