Webhook customauth:customer_updated origin

I am getting notices of failed webhooks customauth:customer_updated and I cannot recall that I have configured anywhere to use this webhook.
Where does it originate from and is it a mandatory webhook that must be implemented? Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

Check the store configuration in your Snipcart dashboard. In the webhook section, you might have entered your website’s URL.
If you clear it out and save, it should stop making the webhook calls, so they won’t be failing anymore, and you won’t be getting the alert emails.

Thanks @evlg for the suggestion. I do have a taxes webhook active so I need to configure the webhook URL.
My question is specifically targeted at the customauth:customer_updated webhook which seems not to be documented at all. I am interested in finding out where and why this webhook is triggered.

Sorry, I hadn’t realized your question was about that specific webhook. It seems to me that it is fired when a customer updates their account info (which includes creating the account), but as you pointed out, it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere.
Hopefully someone from Snipcart can clarify.