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Get Here" is very popular in Turkey. I loved how it worked, it took the hassle out of going to supermarkets and the order just arrived quickly. The article was previously published on page of issue of Business Magazine Albania . You Can Browse Here no. of her.I created it as an idea and proposed it to my co-founder, my brother. Then we thought of doing something else, as it was not the right time. In , we thought that the time had come, not because of the pandemic, but because the conditions were created for Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia to have such an application.

People started to be more America Cell Phone Number List focused on the technology and it was probably the moment that the restaurants had educated the market a bit, whereas for supermarket products we would be the first. As we can see, other activities are taking up people’s time and they are busier.Read: He started his entrepreneurial career at the age of . He is now the founder of a $ million E-Sports startupSo, I lived in Turkey for a period of time and seeing how it works, I decided to create it in Albania, having the power of technology. From the beginning, we had planned that we would extend to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia.

We had a positive impact and in November last year we expanded to Kosovo. Also, Kosovo had a positive reaction, a very rapid growth of the company that brought the investment share. Now we are on the verge of expansion, as in a month and a half we will also expand in Macedonia. What are your plans, besides expansion, to spend this money?The most important is the expansion, besides Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, we will see if there is space in the regions near them. The second step is to increase logistics, speed of service and increase staff Do you consider including other.