Why cant I get a test email in the test environment?

I have customized he email template but need to place an order to see my customizations. I have custom fields that will change what information is in the email and your 'test" email data doesnt have the right custom fields for me to test the view. How can I get an email in the test environment?

Hi @master12,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a button to trigger an email at the moment.

The only way to achieve this at the moment would be to place an order in a Test mode with a cart that contains the custom field you need.

We’d like to improve this, but this isn’t something that we plan to tackle in the short term.

That does not achieve anything other than a custom field in the test environment. I dont need a button necessarily. I just need to have a way for email to be sent just like it would in production. I am guessing you have email notifications turned off in test env and that inhibits my ability to test what the email would look like in production. We basically hoped that it would work. We could only test after we went live, which of course is not ideal.

You can get emails from the Test environment when you place an order on a website configured to use the Test environment, just use the test credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 so that you don’t have to incur a charge

hope that helps!