Why cdn.snipcart.com came from US while I am in SE Asia?

I tried traceroute with cdn.snipcart.com using cmd and it says it is coming from US. I have problems with Snipcart’s speed. It takes 1 second (or sometimes even more) every action to finish.


While our front-end assets are replicated globally through a CDN service, the servers treating incoming requests for checkout operations are located in the US. It’s probably why you are experiencing latency when accessing from Asia.

Unfortunately, we do not have short-term plans to push server processing toward the edges.

That’s disappointing. Speed is my priority that’s why I’m into jamstack. So far, Snipcart is the easiest to integrate with but I see a lot of important features (including this issue) which make this very hard. I’m will move on to woocommerce little by little. The 10 USD minimum fee of snipcart is enough to upgrade my hosting plan to run woocommerce.