Allow to remove discount code after applied

Hi there,

Is there a way to customise cart to show list of discount codes and allow user to remove discounts after applied?

If it’s a discount code, the only way to do is so to apply another discount code and it will offer to swap them; but no way to explicitly remove a specific discount from the cart At the momemt.

I’m sorry to say this is not currently an available feature of our platform. The best way to ensure our product team is aware of your request and to ensure you are updated on the status of the request is by making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum. (Feature requests - Support | Snipcart)

Before posting, please make sure you search to see if someone else posted your idea previously. In case you do see it, you can vote for it - this will let our Dev team know you’re interested in it too, and also subscribe you to future updates on the status of the idea.