Can I use stripe and KLARNA

If Snipcart is integrated with Stripe, can I use KLARNA?

I found this old post about it:

But is this working now?

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Hey @Amigo,

Unfortunately, our Stripe integration has not been improved since, so Klarna is not yet supported. We are aware that it needs some love and improvement, and it is definitely a priority for us.


So this has not been solved even thought it was in roadmap, with current target is Q3-Q4 2022. ?? Im scared to use snipcart if this is really the case. But ok…

Hi Amigo,

What would your ideal Klarna integration look like - Klarna’s direct own API integration or via Stripe?

I do have faith that the Snipcart team will eventually introduce a more feature-rich Stripe integration that will support Klarna. Which is why I wouldn’t want to commit time to developing an integration for that. But I am thinking about an integration using Klarna’s own API - simply because I’ve been asked for it by almost every customer I have who uses Snipcart.

My customer is from Sweden, and almost everyone use Klarna in Sweden.
The sites I’m building are Umbraco + Uskinned Sitebuilder that integrate Snipcart out of the box.
So, I really was hoping to use Stripe whit it, but Mollie is the only one that can do Klarna out of the box as far as I understand… But I dont really know Mollie at all.
I dont really want to start code my own integration against Klarna, but it could be a possibility, I guess.

I’ve been using Mollie for a long time through Snipcart and I’m very happy. Mollie has a catch though, you can’t buy digital products through Klarna. At least that’s how it was a while ago.

Good to know I guess that’s what I have to do :+1: