Cart applies discount rules wrongly

Hi all!

We have a bulk discount system in place, where you receive a percentage-based discount for every additional item you buy:

Buy one itemfor the full price
Buy two items and get 15 percent off
Buy three items and get 20 percent off

When you have three items in your cart, you get the 20 percent discount. If you remove one item, you should be granted the 15 percent discount. However the cart component does not grant you any discount after you have removed that one item.

Apparently, the rules are not revalidated after the cart has been updated.

  • Is this intended behaviour or a configuration issue?
  • Is there a way to manually trigger revalidating the discount rules?
  • Or do I have to implement the discount logic on my end, too, and apply the discounts manually with the help of the SDK?

Thanks in advance and cheerio

Edit: Just to be sure: All individual discount rules work as intented! It really just is the transition when you remove an item from the cart.

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Hi @bemas, thanks for reaching out!

I was not able to reproduce your issue. Can you contact us on so that we can check your account please?
On my tests, removing a product from the cart should recalculate the discounts correctly.