Checkout initiated API event?

Hi -
I’m trying to find a checkout initiated event to bind to so I can send a facebook conversion api event for it. I can’t find anything in the docs at JavaScript SDK events – Snipcart Documentation

But I can see snipcart sending multiple events to gtag after I hit my “checkout” button on my cart:

Sending event 'begin_checkout' to gtag
Sending event 'set_checkout_option' to gtag

I’d like to bind my facebook event to this same event. How can I access it?

To clarify, there is a summary.checkout_clicked event, but this is for when the View Cart is clicked, not when the customer clicks Checkout within the cart. I’d like the event for Checkout.

You can listen to the theme.routechanged event to detect when the customer enters the “checkout step” and cart.confirmed event to detect when an order is placed.

Let me know if that helps!