DKIM and SPF settings for email

Hi - to avoid my emails going to spam it would seem i need to whitelist snipcast as email-sender.

However, I can’t find the settings to do this. Am I on the wrong track? Can anyone help?

I can’t see if delivery of digital products work, because gmail marks the emails as spam and disables links …

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We can whitelist your domain in our SMTP server. To do so, you’ll need to create 3 DNS records. Please contact our support team directly via email at: with the following information:

  • The domain that will be used to send emails.
  • The email of the person that needs to receive the instructions to configure the DNS records.

Once the DNS records are configured, please let us know so that we can validate it.

Also, you can added to your SPF record in your DNS provider.


Hi Charles,

That sounds great. Do you support DKIM as well?


Hi @KristianWR,

Yes! As mentioned by Charles, you can contact us with the required information on our support email, and we’ll provide you with the 3 DNS records you’ll need to add to set up DKIM.

Have a great day!