Does anyone have a trick to update an order that's already been placed?

It seems that I often get a followup note, after an order has been placed and paid for, that the person chose the wrong item and asks if I can fix it.

It’s not much work to update the quantity on hand for the two items, but is there a way to edit the customer’s order so that when I review who has placed an order for an item, they are listed correctly?

What I mean:

  1. I start with 100 Product-A and 100 Product-B items.
  2. Someone orders 1 Product-B item.
  3. Someone else order 2 Product-A items.
  4. Then the person who ordered Product-A asks me to change it to Product-B.
  5. I manually edit the # on hand of Product-A back to 100.
  6. I manually edit the # on hand of Product-B to 97.
  7. But if I look at the orders for Product-B, I still only see the original order.

@fbcc Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have a way to change an order once placed, however, you can submit a feature request to our product team. The best way isby making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum.

Before posting, please make sure you search to see if someone else posted your idea previously. In case you do see it, you can vote for it - this will let our Dev team know you’re interested in it too, and also subscribe you to future updates on the status of the idea.