Event name format appears to have changed. When did that happen

My live Snipcart site, is running and accepting webhooks “order:completed” and “customauth:customer_updated”.

Upgraded to Snipcart 3.3.3 and running in Test mode I find that the order event has changed its name to “order.completed”. This is not mentioned in the change logs, which I have just reread.

I expect that a change like this will be documented as something to do for an upgrade.

I note that in the documentation “Webhooks: order events – Snipcart Documentation” it uses the dot format. This is not noted as a change of format, or that a previous version used “:”, so doesn’t offer any help.

I realised with surprise that “customauth:customer_updated” has not changed its format.

Is the change in event name format just applying to orders, or can we expect other events to change in time?

Hmmm… I would like to see changes like this clearly documented in the Release Notes.
Also, I don’t see any documentation for Customer events

Anita Graham

Hey @Anita,

The order.completed is unchanged in 3.3.3 and has been for a few years. What version were you using before, and could you send us an email at support@snipcart.com with a screenshot of the history of your Webhook requests (can be found in the dashboard).


Bowing my head - I do have a data file from back in June 2021 that uses order.completed. You are, of course, Absolutely Correct. Perhaps I just did a mental transfer one day from customauth:customer_updated to order:completed.

Apologies for raising a red herring.

Glad to hear it, don’t hesitate if there is anything else in the future! :slight_smile: