Frustrated developer

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am? I am not a full-time programmer but have a working understanding of HTML CSS and Javascript. I developed and for several years have continued to update our company website.

Off and on for the past three weeks I have been struggling with customizing snipcart 3.x. I have coded all products OK and have the whole site working in test mode. But for the life of me I can’t follow the SDK and APIs. Where they have had specific examples, such as adding phone number and company, I’ve been good. Today I wanted to provide a cart logo. I viewed the video on the subject and was able to create a button with quantity and total price. However, in the video he just glossed over the shopping cart insertion.

I could go on. Just wondering if others are frustrated - or is it just my lack of professional experience?

I can help you. Can you give me a your test code and mockup image of you want to achieve?

I’m coming to love snipcart and will be thrilled if the following can be addressed:

  1. increasing the weight of the text and cart pages. Most of my customers are old with less than great eyesite.
  2. Increasing the weight of lines on the boxes for same reason.
  3. Your demo shows a cart icon at the top of the page. We are able to produce a cart button, but would like to use the icon. The video glosses over this issue. How do we do this?
  4. Our web-site uses sticky (fixed) page headers for ease of navigation. I see that the sticky headers also stay when shopping cart page appears. This is fantastic as customers can view the cart as an extension of our web site. The problem is that the header covers the “continue shopping” arrow. How can this arrow be moved, or better still, be replaced by a “continue shopping” button that can be placed below the header?

We are awaiting your answers as well as the information we need from FedEx to activate the FedEx account on the web site. We will then connect to our PayPal account. We’d love to go live within the next week.

Thank you for your help.

Will Limkemann 440-871-0976.

I have sent you an email. Please check