How to pause / cancel my Snipcart account?

Depending on what your goal is, you might go one of the following routes:

Suspend Snipcart billing

If you only want to pause Snipcart billing indefinitely, you can invalidate your Live API key by following this link. The monthly charges will stop, but the API key you have on your website won’t work anymore. All other settings will be kept.

Then, you will be able to generate a new Live API key whenever you need it, thus resuming the monthly billing.

Cancel your account

In addition to stopping your monthly billing, this will remove all settings associated with your account. Here are the steps to cancel your Snipcart account:

  • Log in to your merchant dashboard.

  • Make sure you toggle the Live mode at the top of the screen.

  • Click on the small user icon at the top right corner.

  • Under the Account section, click on Profile.

  • Click on the “CANCEL ACCOUNT” button.

Delete all account’s data

Additionally, if you want us to delete all data related to your account, please reach out to and make sure to include the email address used to create the account.