Import / export clients - ecommerce migration

Hello, I am considering SnipCart for future e-commerce websites. My big concerns are now:

  • Is it possible to import clients from a different e-commerce platform (like from a CSV list)?
  • And also, is it possible to export all clients logged in via SnipCart eco-system once I will eventually migrate out from SnipCart?
    Thanks for help.

Nobody knows how to answer this simple question?
From the dashboard it doesnt seem possible to export all customers.

At the moment there isn’t a way to import customers to Snipcart. As for the export, you could use our API to get all the customers.

I think it would be a good feature that can be added, the best way to ensure our product team is aware of your request and to ensure you are updated on the status of the request is by making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum.