Integrating Snipcart with Print on Demand API - Lulu

Hello, I have been looking for a guide explaining step-by-step how to integrate a Print on Demand service -, but have not had any luck. Is there one you can recommend? Or do you know of an existing integration that will provide this functionality? It will be great to use Snipcart to process orders and for Lulu to then to print and ship products. Thank you for reading and for your help.

Hi @snipfb,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any resources on hand on how to integrate Snipcart with lulu Xpress.

That said, you can integrate with a most third-party providers by using our Webhooks.

In this case, I believe you’d need to listen to the order.completed event and forward any relevant information to the lulu Xpress API.

Let me know if that helps,


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