Local Same Day Delivery

There is actually some company that are doing same day delivery within certain radius or location. How to integrate with Snipcart? They do provide API, but Snipcart AFAIK doesn’t support adding radius or location that’s available for the option to allow that.

Use case is, if customer is living within same state or maybe 20km radius from store, they can opt in for same day delivery which will be calculated differently. The company provide API for order creation and fee calculation. once order is created, their driver will come to pickup.

I believe this kind of same day delivery also exist in Canada. Maybe uber connect?

I think adding radius or local delivery should become a standard feature as it will encourage customer to purchase online, knowing that they will get their item within same day.

I think this can be done if Snipcart have graphql API?
multiple store also can be achieved via graphql API. Developer just need to filter which order for which store. What say you @francois ? Local delivery can be done from there.

Hey there! It’s possible to do it in theory, but would involve lots of custom dev.

You can use our shipping webhooks to achieve this, but again, this solution requires a lot of custom code. In your Webhook, you have access to the customer address and can find out with your method of choice if the customer is within the store’s radius. If they are, the webhook can return the shipping option. If the customer is not within range, the webhook can return no option, which will prevent the customer from completing his order.

Once an order is completed, you can listen to the Order Completed webhook to send the customer’s informations to the shipping provider.

Hope this helps! 🙇‍♂️

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Was also thinking the same. That work only if one store handle online delivery. Stuck if there is few store.

Because afaik we can’t retrieve/filter out order using rest API, right? It will return all of them. Technically we can’t separate which store received which order. If we can filter them like graphql, multi store is achievable. Main objective is to notify order to respective store. Main store can view all, but respective store can view only theirs.

Shipping and so on can be done on the backend. Because the API i was talking about can do the calculations based on distance. And theoretically can also decide which store handle which customer. Just need to separate the view