Multiple different items on a page are being combined for discounting threshholds

I have a page with seven different items. I’d like to offer a 20% discount on any item that a customer purchased 5 or more of. So he could buy 6 of Item B and get the 20% discount, but only 2 of Item D and pay full retail for that item.

I’ve set up the discount and the separate price list for all the items. What happens is that once at least 5 items are purchased either singly ( i.e. 5 of Item B) or cumulatively (2 of Item A, 2 of Item B, and 1 of Item C), the discount then is applied to every item in the shopping cart.

I’ve tried using different named discounts in the Discounts section of the dashboard and then having different data-item-price-itemA, data-item-price-itemB, etc. I’ve set and reset the “This discount can be combined …” box and even the "Triggered only when the quantity is " checkbox.

Am I doing something wrong or is this undoable? Thanks.


Having this same issue. Quantity discounts are being to applied to a product as a whole instead of individual variations. 2 packs of variation A and 3 packs of variation B is triggering a 5-pack discount when no discount should be applied.

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I’m sorry to say this is not currently an available feature of our platform. The best way to ensure our product team is aware of your request and to ensure you are updated on the status of the request is by making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum.

Before posting, please make sure you search to see if someone else posted your idea previously. In case you do see it, you can vote for it - this will let our Dev team know you’re interested in it too, and also subscribe you to future updates on the status of the idea.

New Feature Requests submissions are now disabled - how can we communicate our desire for this feature? I have the same issue as the original poster.

The Discount option “Triggered only when the quantity is reached on a product in particular” is misleading since the calculations total the sum of any products in the list, rather than a single product reaching the quantity threshold. Could there be an additional checkbox to enable/disable “mixing and matching”?


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