Receive a copy of each invoice in BCC - stopped working

This feature was working fine until a couple of weeks ago when we suddenly stopped receiving the emails.

We’ve triple checked the email address and it’s working fine.

Can you please fix this? We do receive the Notification when a new order occurs, but the copy of the invoice was very handy.


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In fact it’s even worse because we just realised that clients are not getting their invoices. What could be causing this? Can someone please tell us what to do?

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Dear @kosbarts,

Upon reviewing your account and email sending activity, everything appears to be in order for the past few weeks at least.

Best Regards,

Hi @slemieux I don’t know how you define “in order”.

Copies of invoices have stopped being sent to us - that’s a fact.

Here’s a screenshot of our emails. Until Sep 21 we were receiving a copy of the invoice. On October 20+ we activated “Notification when a new order occurs”. The orders between 262 and 276 were completely lost to us since no notification arrived. And you can clearly see that after order 276 we still haven’t received the copy of the invoice.

So clearly something is broken.

Hi @kosbarts ,

We had a recent update to our handlebars library and a side effect was stricter templating.
Specifically, in your English invoice template, there is an end tag {{ /if }} without its opening counterpart. I was able to find the error via the dashboard logs Login - Snipcart.

Your English invoice template has an issue, there is a closing if tag without a starting tag. See image below, at line 123.

I have removed the line 123 for you and saved. You may resend the invoices to your customers.

Best Regards,

Hi @atoumi12 ,

This is awesome. Thank you so much for your help and prompt response.


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interesting info here. I have the same problem, that invoice mails (nor the BCC mails) are not delivered. During summer it was still working. I run tests with the shop every few months. Last time it worked was end of june 2023. Now in the november test period invoice mails didn’t work any more.

Meanwhile I took action to update SPF, DKIM, DMARC settings and also contacted the snipcart support for authentication of DNS CNAME entries as described here DKIM and SPF settings for email. But it didn’t help to fix the invoice mail delivery.

Then I found this issue and tried to fix the mail templates.

The invoice template is rather long and to check quickly if there is a syntax problem, I just restored the default template.

But still the mails will not be delivered.

Any idea what might be the issue with my snipcart settings or is this a problem on the snipcart side?

So far my problem still exists. I have checked the templates and restored defaults. But invoice mails are still not delivered.

Is there any idea out there?