Subtotal without discounts applied


is it possible to display the real net subtotal (net total of all items without discounts applied) in the cart and in the order summary during checkout? When inspecting the cart after adding an item, it seems only the subtotal after applied discounts is calculated.

If the subtotal without discounts is not calculated by Snipcart can I calculate it myself and display it in cart and order summary? It seems like the <summary-fees> component is not overwritable.

When Snipcart makes the initial request to, the response includes baseTotal which is exactly, what I am looking for. Any chance this could be made available in

Hi @bemas, thanks for reaching out!

We were checking the best solution for your case, and while the summary-fees template is actually overridable, it is not so useful for your case as you do not have access to baseTotal or itemsTotal for instance.
Therefore, what you need is not possible right now, but we are currently thinking about ways to improve the cart summary.
This request has been shared with the team and taken into account.
If you can, please also add it in the Feature requests portion of this forum :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks, for feature request, see Have access to and display subtotal without discounts applied

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