UPS Access Point

Hi there :wave:

The client for whom I work would like to set up a point relay delivery.
To do so, he contacted UPS, and then filled in the information requested in the “Integrated providers” section.

Unfortunately, in the list of services that can be activated, he does not find the relay point service.
Do you know how to activate it? I believe the service is called UPS Access Point.

Thanks a lot!

I’m sorry to say UPS Access Point is not currently an available service with the integration of UPS. The best way to ensure our product team is aware of your request and to ensure you are updated on the status of the request is by making sure it’s a part of our Feature Request Forum.

Before posting, please make sure you search to see if someone else posted your idea previously. In case you do see it, you can vote for it - this will let our Dev team know you’re interested in it too, and also subscribe you to future updates on the status of the idea.

Hi @ppanth , thanks for your answer!

It’s not going to be easy to explain to my client, who took the step of creating a UPS account because he saw that the integration was done on the Snipcart side…
Do you have a documentation/tutorial to integrate UPS access point on my side?
The important thing for him is to set up a delivery in relay point (in France), maybe you have an integration with another delivery service?

Thanks again