Successful Shipstation - Snipcart Integration?

Has anyone successfully integrated Shipstation and Snipcart? The documentation I’ve found leaves a lot to be desired, especially for my limited skills… I’ve found this thread:


but really don’t know where to begin as those and the Snipcart documentation are fairly vague. I’d like to automatically push orders to Shipstation, fill them there, and have the tracking info sent back to snipcart and push out the shipment confirmation emails to the customer. I’d also like to push live shipping costs from Shipstation to Snipcart.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I’m really interested in doing this as well. Did you get any help for this @billywight ?

No, nothing yet. It seems like something a lot of people would be interested in, as there’s nothing currently that connects to Snipcart to handle shipping. I’d be willing to pay someone to get it started or set up for me if anyone is interested.

Check this thread @billywight

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